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Our Approach

Professionalism with Character

Setting Maritime Corporate Travel apart from the rest.

Maritime Corporate travel offers a unique fusion of efficiency and personal interaction. Our owner-manager business model allows us to be professional and efficient without allowing management of your travel needs to become impersonal.

Our travel management partnerships are founded on close working relationships from Managing Director to Business Travel Consultant. Our highly trained staff of experienced, motivated, professional consultants maintains continual contact with travellers and travel arrangers. Through this interaction we are able to develop a full understanding of travellers' individual needs and experiences so as to add value wherever the opportunity arises. This personal, hands-on relationship is a hallmark of the owner-managed Sure Corporate experience.

Our human and intellectual assets, combined with our world class technology, provide your company with the top line solutions required to deliver bottom line benefits.

Travel Management Programme

Maritime Corporate Travel provides the full range of travel services from air, car, accommodation and shuttle reservations, employee leisure programmes, meetings, conferences and incentives to visas, insurance, forex and health documentation worldwide.

Our Full Travel Management Programme consists of various steps. We offer the following 3 parts of the Full Programme for FREE to prospective clients:

Travel Audit

Your company needs to make sure that you are maximizing savings on travel spend and maintain a solid process for securing travel. Sure Maritime Travel will perform an unbiased third party detailed investigations and analysis of every aspect of your travel program to identify problem areas, travel policies, procurement process, what credit cards are utilized and how they are charged. We will also provide an executive summary outlining how to move forward with program optimization.

Travel Policy Consulting

The key to successful and effective travel management lies in the development and maintenance of a strong, enforceable Travel Policy. Travel Policy is closely linked to your company's "culture" and this should always be taken into consideration when creating your policy. Maritime Corporate Travel will work with you to develop a strong, comprehensive policy that works for your company, its travellers, and the bottom line. Service Level Agreements will be based on Travel Policy, allowing regular reviews of performance metrics

Travel Coordinator Training

For a travel policy to meet its desired aims and objectives it must benefit from a careful and considered programme of implementation and management. Travel coordinators or PA's are the key to this process. Maritime Corporate travel provides ongoing training, mentoring and update sessions that will empower PA's to be effective and productive within the travel program of your company.

Process Management

Financial Administration

Our financial processes are simple and protected by strong security and access controls and provide full SARS recognized e-documentation. We conform to best practice and can tailor-make our processes to suit your internal systems.

We fully manage the following back office processes:

  • Lodged card application, management and reconciliation
  • Bill-back systems
  • Invoicing and statements
  • Account reconciliation

Sure Corporate Travel Companies will assist in the management and control of your travel expenditure. We will assist in obtaining and managing your lodged card, bill-back systems, invoicing, and management information reporting.

We believe that high quality, accurate management information is the most crucial element in understanding and managing your travel spend and trends, and for this reason place high emphasis on the provision of accurate information. Our travel accounting, management information systems, and, where applicable, self-booking tools will provide you with the control, information flow, and security that you require to run your business travel programme efficiently and cost-effectively.

Account Management

' While your money is flying ', we provide tracking and control.

Accurate, regular. and detailed Management Information is essential to the effective real-time control and planning of your corporate travel budget. Management Information Systems measure the effectiveness of your unique travel policy and preferred suppliers - a vital element in any successful travel management system.

The Sure Corporate Management Information will:

  • Ascertain travel spend.
  • Establish travel patterns.
  • Monitor adherence to the travel policy.
  • Identify areas for Travel Policy improvement
  • Identify future savings opportunities.
  • Measure success in cost reduction objectives.
  • Allow accurate planning and budget forecasting.
  • Promote effective negotiation with suppliers.
  • Compare actual savings to potential savings.


With the backing of Sure Corporate we offer a unique fusion of personal attention and efficiency through technology. Travel is a "people business" and we use technology to enhance, rather than replace our expertise and personalized service.

Sure Corporate Travel Companies have access to a wide array of leading-edge travel systems and will apply these tools where they apply to your company's specific needs and objectives.

Amongst these are:

Sure Travel Matchmaker Plus

Thousands of pages of up to date travel information, airfares, prices, special offers, and booking tools.

Sure Travel online

A comprehensive private travel website, including an aggregated fare search engine offering lowest fares via low cost carrier inventory for real-time bookings and reservations.

Sure Corporate online

A sophisticated website offering secure zones for corporate clients to access travel policy, Management Information, useful links, travel alerts and updates.

Global Distribution Systems (GDS)

Sure Corporate travel companies operate in a multi GDS environment in order to ensure that we can always offer the best price availability and products to our clients.

Travel accounting and Management Information

Sure Corporate travel companies deploy state-of-the-art front, mid and back-office systems in order to provide the best travel accounting practices to our client base. All data is easily retrievable and functionality exists for convenience servicing through emailing of invoices and statements as well as offering Back-Office data online for easy Corporate Access.

Self Booking Tools

E-purchasing with professional support and consolidated management

Sure Corporate travel companies offer state-of-the-art E-procurement solutions to meet your travel needs. We maintain a constant watch on e-procurement & self-booking tools and will introduce new products as they complete testing and enter the market in South Africa.

Self Booking Tools (SBT) can improve travel programme efficiency and the facility is available to you from Sure Corporate.

There are misconceptions over what SBTs are and what they do; they should not be categorised with internet booking engines because there is a world of difference in travel management terms!

Only after careful analysis of your specific needs would we recommend and implement a Self Booking Tool. Your Sure Corporate Travel Company will issue electronic tickets, provide full support, management information & reporting, and quality checks should an SBT be in operation within your company.

A very detailed analysis of your company culture and requirements will be undertaken prior to introduction of an e-purchasing system as this is a pre-programmed process and authorization system requiring careful planning at the outset.

E-procurement implementation requires a significant level of structuring in terms of your company's procurement policy and processes. Self Booking Tools in the current environment are generally used by large organizations with significant procurement volumes, and a highly defined purchasing programme.

Useful Information

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